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September 13, 2019

Terry Suzuki Promoted to President and CEO of ORIX USA

NEW YORK (September 13, 2019) – ORIX Corporation USA (ORIX USA) announced today that Yoshiteru (Terry) Suzuki will become the company’s next President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO), effective Sept. 15, 2019. Suzuki, a 34-year veteran in the financial services industry, succeeds current President and CEO, Hideto Nishitani, who will return to the Tokyo headquarters of ORIX Corporation (ORIX) to assume a new role as Assistant to the CEO of ORIX. The transition is a carefully planned succession that follows Suzuki’s promotion to Executive Officer for ORIX and Deputy President of ORIX USA in 2018 and Managing Executive Officer for ORIX earlier this year.

Since beginning his professional career with ORIX in 1985, Suzuki has progressively assumed more responsibility through leadership roles, both in and outside of ORIX. After rejoining ORIX in 2015, he launched the private equity business of ORIX Capital Partners and since 2018 has provided strategic direction to the company in his role as Deputy President of ORIX USA.

“Terry’s leadership skills and deep management experience, including a long and successful stint as President & Co-CEO of Cerberus Japan, together with his intimate knowledge of ORIX Group make him ideally suited to be the next President and CEO of ORIX USA,” said Makoto Inoue, ORIX Corporation Representative Executive Officer, President and CEO.

Suzuki worked closely with Nishitani over the last two years to prepare for this transition.

“This is an exciting time to lead ORIX USA. I am honored to succeed Nishitani, whose leadership and vision have made our company stronger today than ever, providing a solid foundation to build upon,” said Suzuki. “I am energized by the many opportunities ahead of us to grow the business of ORIX USA and I look forward to continuing to make ORIX USA a dynamic workplace for our employees.”

Nishitani joined ORIX USA in 2006 as Deputy President and was appointed Chairman in 2012 and President and CEO in 2015. He has a 35-year track record of global financial services experience working on behalf of ORIX.

“We are grateful to Hideto Nishitani for his dynamic, thoughtful and tireless service to ORIX USA over the past 14 years,” said ORIX CEO Inoue. “He has been a source of continuity and stability through ORIX USA’s decade-long growth and deserves high praise as a major driver in the success of ORIX’s platform in the U.S. during his tenure, especially during the last five years as Chairman, President and CEO of ORIX USA.”